Meet Racer!

Our Most Beloved Resident at Tivoli Lodge

Get ready to have the best welcome committee you can imagine when you stay at Tivoli Lodge – a happy, tail wagging, well behaved Chocolate Labrador.

Hi! I am dog. I am a “good boy”.

Other times I am called Racer. My name is inspired by my family’s history with race cars! My dad, Buddy Lazier, is a famous race car driver who won an important race named Indy. The same name as my great grand dog!

I am happy to welcome everyone into my home at Tivoli Lodge. I can’t wait to meet you!

The Lab Legacy

Over 25 years have passed since the Tivoli family dog, a chocolate labrador, become the hotel mascot. Racer is the third chocolate labrador following Speed and Indy. All the chocolate ladrador’s have been named after the Lazier’s family passion for auto racing and the Indianapolis 500, the auto race won by Buddy Lazier in 1996. The family traditions are weaved throughout the hotel with our signature Indini cocktail in the Brown Hound Lounge and custom bath amenities in our guestrooms.

A Day in a Dog's Life

At Tivoli Lodge

  • Racer, The Tivoli Lodge's Labrador Retriever mascot, greeting guests in the lobby

    Greet Our New Guests

    In the afternoons I must work hard to greet every guest with a smile and a wagging tail.

  • Racer, the dog, sitting on a leather couch in the lobby of The Tivoli Lodge

    Morning Pats In Grand Lobby

    Follow the smell of bacon to the big room. Get lots of pats from lots of people. Smile at everyone. Sometimes I get treats if I stare long enough.

  • The Tivoli Lodge's honored guest, Racer the lab, playing in the river

    Playing One Splash At A Time

    Going to the river to splash around is my favorite. Sometimes I get to play with sticks or rocks. I could stay there for hours.

  • Racer, the pup, sitting on a covered bridge that leads to Vail Village, CO

    WALKIES! to Vail Village

    When the weather is nice my family always take a walk to Vail Village. Lots of people recognize me and give me big smiles.

  • Racer and Speed sitting in the snow outside of The Tivoli Lodge

    Staying Cool In The Snow

    I love when all the white fluffy stuff falls from the sky, and I get to play in it with guests outside!  My paws get cold after a while, so I come inside to warm up in front of the fireplace.

“The last 10 summers, the entire family cannot wait to see Speedy along with the rest of the Lazier’s! We enjoy seeing Speedy in the lobby at breakfast and throughout the day. He’s the best, and so is the Tivoli!" - Ashley C.

History Of Our Pups

Tribute To The Past & Love The Present

A Chocolate Labrador has been the Tivoli Lodge mascot for over 25 years, bringing joy to all who stay. Each of our precious dog’s names was chosen to relate to our family’s history of motor racing.

Racing is in the blood of the Lazier family, as three generations of drivers have graced the motor speedways of America and rose as winners. Buddy Lazier, founder of Tivoli Lodge, along with his late father, Bob, and his son, Flinn, have all become well respected and honorable members of their own accord. Today the Tivoli Lodge has become a gathering spot for the racing community as you never know who you may meet during your stay here.

Racer, the Tivoli Lodge's chocolate lab mascot, sitting in the grass with another small picture of him as a puppy with his brother Speed


Born April 2020

From our Speed came Racer, yes that is right, if you are thinking the cartoon Speed Racer, you would be correct. We could not have Speed without Racer. Speed and Racer were half-brothers, born in Oxford Mississippi at the Wildrose Kennel. This special bond could instantly be seen when the family brought Racer home and Speed got to the “big brother” to teach Racer the ropes. Speed was a great teacher, calm and patient with the new pup!

Racer, just like his brother, takes his role seriously. He loves greeting guests in the lobby and giving a stuffed “baby Racer” to put a smile on your face. He loves playing in the Gore River, fetching sticks or rocks. He is well tempered, a little timid, and enjoys staying inside the Tivoli Lodge to hang out with all his friends. Racer can’t wait to meet each one of you during your stay!

A close up face of a chocolate lab, Speed, a previous honored guest of The Tivoli Lodge



2008 - 2020

Speed came into our lives hard and fast, his name fit him perfectly. Although Indy could never be replaced, we know the Tivoli Lodge would feel empty without the wagging tail of a chocolate labrador. The family knew that Speed would take to the mascot role dutifully and with more energy and spunk.

He was an independent pup and loved to ride the elevators by himself or without anyone knowing, take a walk around the village on his own as well. Bob quickly nicknamed him “Speedy” which fit him perfectly. He too had a love for toys, balls, and bacon. He brought pure joy into the Tivoli Lodge and Speed’s energy was infectious.

A beautiful, chocolate lab face turned to the left, belonging to Indy, the first chocolate lab of The Tivoli Lodge


1995 - 2008

Indy was the first dog that joined our family and the start of a legacy. Bob and Diane fell in love with him immediately for his calm temperament and love for the family. Indy’s favorite daily past time was to throw a tennis ball in the air and catch it. Really, he enjoyed playing with any type of ball and would always appreciate a good milk bone for being a “good boy”.

We hadn’t planned on him becoming the hotel’s mascot, but guests loved whenever he made a guest appearance and started asking for him by name. Since that day we gave him a job to do – to greet every guest with the big happy smile Chocolate Labradors are known to give. He loved it. Leaving everyone else with smiles on their faces as well.